Blog Hop Bliss

(This is a wholesome site therefore any entry with contents opposing to what this blog stands for will not be honored and erased immediately.)

Rules for Blog Hoping:
a) Always follow hosts first three (3) blogs on the blog thumbnails below. These people also follow you back! (MikenLuisa and I)
b) When someone "follows" you (meaning joining your "follower gadget"), please be nice and "follow" him/her back. Don't forget to leave him/her a comment so that he/she will know you follow him/her.  This is the more reason for him/her to visit you again more often in the future and vice versa.
c) Be happy to follow as many blogs as you like. Good deeds beget good deeds. 

d) Meantime, I give no giveaways as I am new to blog hopping. Perhaps in the future, we can arrange that.

Have fun sharing life with people (even through blog hop only)!

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Theme for this time (Dec 2010-Jan 2011) Blog Hop  is  THE JOY OF TRUE SHARING.  
*  Share your love
*Share your time
* Share your blessings
to God, to your family and to others in need.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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