Thursday, December 23, 2010

Glad You Are My Blog-Hopping Friends!!!

My Dearest Blog-Hopping Friends,

Thanks a lot for responding to my "call" and became sincere "followers". You have really made my day. You also have made me glad to see your pictures on my side bar. Yes, I will surely respond to you soon!

Friends, let us always keep on supporting each other through blog hop! Maybe a great bond of true friendship would be formed among us one day soon. Truly, a friendship that would not only be limited to "hi, I'm following you" and then our URL, but where words are written that invites better understanding between and among friends. I really like one blogger in hop who went her way wishing me success in my endeavor. I am really touched by what she said.

Again, thanks. I am glad you are my very nice blog-hopping friends!

Most sincerely,


Rules for Blog Hoping:
a) Always follow hosts first three (3) blogs on the blog thumbnails below. These people also follow you back! (MikenLuisa and I)
b) When someone "follows" you (meaning joining your "follower gadget"), please be nice and "follow" him/her back. Don't forget to leave him/her a comment so that he/she will know you follow him/her.  This is the more reason for him/her to visit you again more often in the future and vice versa.
c) Be happy to follow as many blogs as you like. Good deeds beget good deeds. 

d) Meantime, I give no giveaways as I am new to blog hopping. Perhaps in the future, we can arrange that.

Have fun sharing life with people (even through blog hop only)!

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Theme for this time (Dec 2010-Jan 2011) Blog Hop  is  THE JOY OF TRUE SHARING.  
*  Share your love
*Share your time
* Share your blessings
to God, to your family and to others in need.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why "Enterprising Me!"?

I asked myself this a lot of times, "Why do I need to earn something?".  Is it not that God can supply my simple daily needs?  I am eating well even without working because I am  fed at home.  My family is taking care of me the best they possibly could even if they, too, are in want.  Yet, why?

Just this morning, I had the answer.  In fact, I had many answers!  I want to earn to be able to share my finances with God through the church and its ministries. Then,  I also want to help my fiancee with finances later because we are planning to do full ministry after our marriage soon. Besides, I have medicine maintenance and other personal needs that would be additional financial burden to my married brothers and sister, if I would rely on then solely.  Furthermore,  I was used to earning better compensation as a college instructor before the stroke and was helping some of my family members, too.  Unfortunately, there was no pension because I was only 8 years in teaching service.  I still want to help my family when they need financial help.  I had seen my brothers and their families in need.  My heart ached for them.  I want to do something...

I am paralyzed halfway now, but I can still use the computer and its internet services. I may not be an expert, but I can learn more than the basics.  I had been asking trustworthy friends to provide me information about legitimate online jobs, but I got no answer from them.  You see, I have a slight slur that hinders me from giving tutorial lessons in Mathematics locally or online. This should have been earning opportunities.

Later this week, I saw how people earned much through blogs.  They are the "unknowing" people who encourage me to create my own blog with earning possibilities.  I am not asking for tremendous earnings.  I only want to be able to do this, earn and love what I am doing plus more extra time to do what I want to do best - God's ministry now and in the near future.

Honestly, I don't know how to  earn through blogging.  I even had difficulty with AdSense ones for reasons I did not understand.  I am really new to earning while blogging! But, I pray that some very friendly and honest people online could help me start this new endeavor to the right direction soon.  I know God will repay them for helping me.  As for some who would be please to do the opposite, may the  good Lord do to them what they would deserve.


(c) December 15, 2010 - Mermalu